Go AVX-512 support

Your guide in Go AVX-512 world. Links to docs, articles and so on.

Disassembling Go AVX-512

objdump that is distributed with Go can’t handle AVX-512 yet. This article describes workarounds.

Dispatch tables in Go asm

Bytecode interpreter in Go asm using direct threading for dispatching.

Goism objects layout model

How Go objects are represented inside Emacs.

Writing Emacs Lisp compiler intrinsics

Describes how to extend Emacs Lisp bytecode compiler.

Go assembly language complementary reference

Information that supplements official documentation.

Go nested functions and static locals

Avoid global lookup tables. Making things as local (private) as possible.

Path to convenient C FFI in Go

Almost useful and flexible C FFI for Go.

RISC-V: custom instruction and its simulation

Implementing and simulating a new RISC-V instruction with GNU toolchain

Emacs Lisp multi return values

Efficient Go style multi return values in Emacs Lisp.